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Allison Russell

The Returner

Type drager1-CD
Release datum8 september 2023
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Allison Russell on The Returner:

“My goal with The Returner – sonically, poetically, and spiritually – is a radical reclamation of the present tense, a real time union of body, mind, and soul. This album is a much deeper articulation of rhythm, groove, and syncopation. Groove as it heralds the self back into the body, groove as it celebrates sensual and sexual agency and flowering, groove as an urgent call to action and political activism.

In just a word, it’s funkier. But as is the history of anything funky, it’s never just a party. It is a multiverse of energies that merges the celebration and the battle cry. For while an embrace of the present tense is a celebration, it is equally an unquestioning leap into battle – cultural, political, environmental.”



Since the release of her debut solo LP Outside Child, Russell’s often devastating, deeply moving, cathartic celebration of survivor’s joy has become one of the most acclaimed albums of the past 10 years. Now comes the second chapter in herstory, The Returner, a body-shaking, mind-expanding, soulful expression of liberation, love, and self-respect that serves as a fierce declaration of joy for all survivors that have made it to the other side. Allison, JT, and Drew built The Returner from the bottom up with a rhythm-first, genre-fluid approach. The improvisational energy of great female artists sparked the album’s fierce joy, and provided a wider canvas for Allison’s immense, unlimited talent. In all, the new album doesn’t just deliver on the promise of the last two years, it exceeds all reasonable (and unreasonable) expectations and affirms Allison Russell’s place among music’s most vital artists and The Returner, as one of 2023’s most essential recordings.


CD1 / 1:
1. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Springtime [04:11]
2. Klik hier om te beluisteren..The Returner [03:51]
3. Klik hier om te beluisteren..All Without Within [03:13]
4. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Demons [04:29]
5. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Eve Was Black [06:04]
6. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Stay Right Here [04:10]
7. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Shadowlands [04:13]
8. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Rag Child [03:04]
9. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Snakelife [04:38]
10. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Requiem [06:14]

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