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Sound Of Music.. -Clrd-

Type dragerLP (aantal 2)
Release datum12 juni 2021
LevertijdUit voorraad leverbaar 1-2 werkdagen
€ 26,99


- Gekleurd Vinyl - 2 LP's

Record Store Day NL:
Supersister was a Dutch progressive rock band and featured Robert Jan Stips (vocals/electric piano), Sacha van Geest (flute), Marco Vrolijk (drums) and Ron van Eck (bass). When Supersister first came out in 1970 they were quickly seen as one of Holland’s most creative and unique bands, both amongst their fans and peers. Their original first five albums were inspired by the likes of Soft Machine, Caravan and Frank Zappa. Soft Machine’s Dean Elton was even part of the band line-up in 1974. In 1970 their debut album Present From Nancy was released, which got picked up and played by British BBC DJ John Peel in his influential BBC radio show. The band broke up in 1974, and reunited in its original line up in 2000 at the request of the Progrock Festival in Los Angeles.

Fans from all over the world flew to LA to see the band play live one more time. More shows were planned after this, but after only a handful of gigs, Sacha van Geest died unexpectedly in 2001, again bringing an end to the Supersister story. In 2010, the 3 surviving members played a tv gig, which made them consider more shows yet again. And yet again, these plans are cut short when Ron van Eck passed away in 2011.

A tv documentary about the band’s master mind Robert Jan Stips brought the remains of Supersister back together in 2019. With help from their friends Rinus Gerritsen and Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring), Henk Hofstede and Rob Kloet (Nits) and others, they started writing and recording new songs, which led to the Supersister Projekt album Repus Retsis (Supersister written backwards) and a new tour.

This brand new 2LP compilation, features songs from the original five albums plus the 2019 album. It was compiled especially for Record Store Day by the band’s leader Robert Jan Stips. The artwork was also created especially for this RSD release. The Sound Of Music (1970 – 2020 The First 50 Years) is available as a limited edition of 1500 numbered copies on crystal clear (LP1) and transparent yellow (LP2) coloured vinyl.


LP1 / 2:
1. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..She Was Naked
2. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Spiral Staircase
3. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Introductions
4. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Presents From Nancy
5. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Dona Nobis Pacem
6. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Corporation Combo Boys
7. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Dreaming Wheelwhile
8. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..A girl Named You
9. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..No Tree Will Grow (on Too High A Mountain)
10. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Higer
11. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Radio
LP2 / 2:
1. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Psychopath
2. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Judy Goes On Holiday
3. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Memories Are New
4. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Dareois The Emperor
5. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Bagoas
6. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Roxane
7. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Retroschivize (introducing Schizo
8. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Jellybean Hop
9. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..The Groupies Of The Band
10. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..I am You Are Me/transmitter
11. Muziekbestand niet aanwezig..Hope To See You There Again

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